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To millionpieces: tell your brother to look at his arms and legs and veins in his arms...oh yeah, and his bum. 😉😍 haha

Hahah amen 

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Rory is a child and I love him.



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Not the day we wanted for Rory. He ended up -11 and T5.

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My brother literally just said, and I quote, "Rory isn't the most attractive golfer, that's for sure. He's ugly." Idek what to say.

Tell him he’s wrong. That’s it. He’s just plain wrong.

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Rors is T3 at -10 going into the final round of the Deutsche Bank!

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I found this blog by googling "Rory McIlroy bulge" and I definitely came to the right place. Bless you, you're doing the lord's work.

AHAHAHHA I’m slightly wine drunk and this is the best message I’ve ever recevied. Thank you,

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Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been MIA I was away on vacation and school starts on Tuesday so I’ve been crazy busy but Rors is doing so well at Deutsche bank! Only 2 off the lead! Hoping he can pull it out tomorrow!

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Rory is T2 at -7 at the Deutsche Bank Championships.

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Hey guys so tomorrow I’m going on vacation until Saturday and won’t have wifi so I’ll be a bit MIA for a few days. Just a heads up! I’ll be back mid-Saturday so I’ll be here during the final two rounds of the Deutsche Bank!

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@McIlroyRory: Little evening workout… Words to live by #prefontaine #nike #hardwork

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